Planet Playschool is not a franchise; it is a privately owned child development center where the focus is on your child. Your child’s day will be filled with creative thinking, challenging activities, encouragement and love. Planet Playschool offers a full day program for preschoolers including infants 6 weeks through age five. On a normal day, your child will have choices from the following activities:

  • Center activities including Housekeeping, Dramatic play, Manipulatives, Blocks, Books, Art, Science and Math, Music and Computers, Sand and Water
  • Teacher directed activities including music and movement, language development, math experiences, art, science and sensory exploration, and free play
  • Nap and rest periods. Each child will have a place and time for naps and rest
  • Outside Play is provided twice a day, weather permitting

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum, Mother Goose Time, is a research-based curriculum that is nationally recognized and aligns with the NC Division of Child Development standards.  It provides daily activities that foster the physical, socio-emotional, language and cognitive development of each child.  From the infant classroom to the preschool room, every child benefits from the developmentally appropriate materials and activities provided. 

The Mother Goose Time curriculum brings to life our motto, “Where Learning is Fun.”  Learning during the early childhood years occurs when children are given opportunities to explore, create and discover the world around them.  Play allows children to naturally develop skills such as problem solving, self-expression, memory and social interaction.  Children are constantly practicing what they are learning which allows them to progress to the next stage of development with the help of our supportive, nurturing teachers. 

Each month, the curriculum is based around a specific theme.  Some themes we’ve done in the past include Down on the Farm, Art Studio, Going on a Safari and Blast Off to Space.   Each day is filled with new activities that bring excitement to the classroom and something to look forward to.  You’ll even receive a Family Newsletter each month that outlines the theme, the weekly topics and activities you can do with your child at home to reinforce everything they are learning!